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March 2013


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When is the Best Time to Change Careers?


One of the most important aspects of career planning is timing.  Being at the right place at the right time is key.  One of the major reasons to work with recruiting firms has to do with timing.  Recruiters work with all types of clients and can introduce you to a variety of industries.  In the region, there are many high-profile manufacturers, insurers, health care providers, financial institutions, real estate developers, media, pharmaceutical and telecommunications companies.  Large recruiting firms, like Gateway Search, have long track records in placing people, at all levels, in these types of organizations


If you have considered looking at other opportunities, then it is just a matter of timing.  Once you have decided to change employers, the next step is to keep your eyes and ears open for that “ideal position”.  Keep in mind that the tactic of staying in a position to get the next title or next salary is a short-term approach.  Most employers compensate new employees based on experience and skills.  Large companies base their salary offers on pre-determined grade levels.  In most cases, the current or projected salary of a candidate has no bearing on an offer made.  It is all about internal equity with current and future employees.  Smaller companies may not have the same “internal equity” constraints that larger companies face, however when considering a smaller size company, bear in mind the long-term growth potential.


The key to timing your next career move is a game plan.  Sit down with a professional recruiter and plot out your plan.  You have to be honest with yourself.  Do you want the title now (Big Fish in a little Pond) or are you willing to work your way to the top of a Fortune 500 company (Little Fish in a big Pond).  Remember that titles don’t mean a lot – there are $80K senior accountants and $60K controllers.  Base your goals on what you see yourself doing five or ten years down the road.


Remember that the planning and coordinating that got you into a good accounting program in college, and then into that first great career out of school, should not be tossed overboard.  Think long-term and avoid the quick fix career move that doesn’t offer the best career development options.

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