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Interviewing - Top 10 List

Top Ten most common mistakes about interviewing:

10. Failure to know about the company. Take the time to find out common information about the company.

9. Not familiar with the job description.  Read the job description.  How does it relate to your resume?

8. Unable to market yourself. An interview is a sales presentation. You are selling yourself. Know your product and be prepared to sell yourself.

7. Asking Questions. Ask questions that are appropriate for the position you are interviewing. The interview is a dialog with two people exchanging information and there should always be a balance of conversation during the interview.  If you do not have any questions or areas of concern, there are two impression they will have of you: 1) You did not do your homework about the position or 2) You do not care for the position.

6. Under dressing for an interview. Being in the proper attire matters on first impressions. We all know you only get one chance to make a first impression.

5. Practice does not make you perfect; it makes you better. Practice your interview and the questions you are going to ask or the responses you are going to give. When your interview comes you will have more confidence due to the preparation. It is always better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, then have an opportunity and not be prepared.

4. Being honest. If you pad your resume or you decide to lie. You are going to have to remember every lie. Keep it simple. If you do not know an answer, let it be the truth.

3. Listening to the person is a sign of respect.  Make good eye contact.  Watch body language i.e. folded arms, fidgeting.

2. Lack of details. No "Yes" / "No" answers. Elaborate on your answers and include as much quantitative information as you can in your examples. 

1. Enthusiasm. Get excited. Being nervous is ok, it shows you are excited and it puts you on your game.



Good luck with your interview.

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